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We know that women are not fully represented in the film industry – both globally and regionally – but we exist to change this.

In today’s filmmaking industry only 11% of all Directors are women, 11% writers, 19% executive producers, 25% producers, 16% editors and 4% cinematographers. In front of the camera, only 30.5% of speaking characters are women, 25.9% of women wore revealing clothes as opposed to 5.7% of men, only 12% of movies featured a balanced cast where half of the characters are female, and the average ratio of male actors to female actors in 2.3 : 1. But in direct contrast to this, there is a 5.4% increase in female characters on screen observed when a woman is directing. Women also purchase half of the movie tickets sold in the U.S. and there is a 10.7% increase when a female screenwriter is attached. The bottom line?

We need to increase the amount of women in the film industry and create those opportunities. 

Our mission is to make the film world more inclusive and accessible for women who naturally face multiple barriers and don’t get the opportunities they deserve. 

Desert Rose Films - UAE Female Filmmaking
Desert Rose Films

Our Female Mentorship programme facilitates all levels of talent, from emerging to advanced. Each mentee is matched with an experienced practitioner who will work alongside them to harness skills, offer in-depth technical training, build a network for effective collaborations and empower them to take ownership of their own development. 

Our mentorship programme is designed to make female film-makers in the region more visible, aiming to help women film-makers develop leadership skills and career strategies.

Our programme is are fully inline with the UNESCO Diversity of Cultural Expressions monitoring framework of Goal 4 of the Convention and SDG 5 on women’s empowerment.

Our policies address gender misconceptions and provide evidence against arguments often raised as obstacles to gender equality in the film industry.

Do you have an idea for a short film? Why not reach us out to us to see how we can help bring you story to the screen.