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Invest with us at Desert Rose Films

The positive impact our work has made is only the tip of the iceberg.

As an independent film production company, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, without your contribution. We encourage you to get involved, take action and help create real change in the world by contributing to our efforts in mobilising support for female filmmakers in the future – here and everywhere. 

Desert Rose Films is very much aligned with the evolution of pioneering technology as it is shaping the world we are living in. Being a film production company, it is essential for us to remain reactive to the dynamic changes in the world of technology to give compelling stories the opportunity to be told in the most visceral and engaging ways, and give women the opportunities they deserve in this industry. You can be a part of that change and help give these voices the space and time they so rightly deserve.


Casting Director

Become a supporter at 'CD" level
  • Personal invitations to meet the cast and crew on set.
  • The chance for you or a family member or friends to be an extra.
  • Receiving the investor newsletter for all behind-the-scenes round-ups and exclusive updates.
  • Elite screenings of the film at premiers and festivals with a guest followed by a cocktail reception with celebrity guests.
  • And more…

Director of Photography

Become a supporter at DOP level
  • Including all the Bronze investment benefits plus:
  • Elite screenings of the film at premiers and festivals with two guests followed by a cocktail reception with celebrity guests.
  • Special advance screening of the film.
  • And more…

Executive Producer

Become a supporter at Exec level
  • Including all the Bronze and Silver investment benefits plus:
  • An opportunity for you or a family member or friends to gain either work experience on the film or have a proper speaking acting role.
  • An on-screen personal Associate Producer credit for perpetuity on the film’s official credit list.
  • Exclusive items to keep including a signed copy of the script, a signed film poster, signed cast photographs as well as still and movie clips from the investor parties and interviews with the cast.
  • And more…


Become a supporter at Producer level
  • Including all the Bronze, Silver and Gold investment benefits plus:
  • Have your brand or company featured in the production and use all the footage captured as your marketing material.
  • VIP day: an invitation for the investor and a guest to visit the set and gain a unique insight into the movie-making process.
  • An exclusive lunch with the lead star and filmmakers.
  • Investor’s client hospitality: an option for exclusive and tailor-made hospitality events to be arranged for the investor’s clients.
  • And more…

When it comes to film funding options, there are innovative investment options where you’ll get more than just a return, but posterity and legacy in fostering change in our world today for generations to come. 

We believe that operating transparently with our contributors is not only necessary but fundamental in what we are trying to achieve. We make it clear through every step of film development and production where and why funds are distributed, and how we ensure returns for all of our investors both financially and in industry impact. It’s more than just about making films, but creating real influence and opportunity for women in the industry – helping to build both your legacy and theirs.

Cryptocurrency options help us embrace both technology and transparency. Right now, cryptocurrency in cinema is on the cusp of taking flight in Hollywood and changing the way the industry is financed, as well as the investor’s involvement in the editorial development of a film. This shift-change in the film financing mindset is also creating opportunities never before possible for both independent film companies and more importantly women in the industry.

Desert Rose Films is the first production company in the Middle East to offer the opportunity for investors to use blockchain technology and take advantage of the increasing value of digital currencies and continually earn revenue way past the film’s release.

More importantly, our investment options opens the film industry up to everyone – big, small and everyone in between. We walk you through the entire process of film investment, how it works, what returns you can expect and all the unexpected benefits, which could even include an appearance in one of our productions! 

And while we are embracing the new, we are also more than happy to discuss traditional forms of investment options if cryptocurrency isn’t an option that interests you. 

In the meantime, you can find our investor levels below, detailing how you can get involved in our productions. 

Desert Rose Films

If any of the above sounds exciting to you give us a call!

It’s over to you now. You can pick to be part of one project or a slate of our projects. Or we can even make one of your dream projects come to life.