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About Desert Rose Films

Original, Independent, Female-led Films.

Empathy, understanding and education is what drives Desert Rose Films. We are giving women in the region a voice both in front of and behind the camera – creating a movement of organic, dynamic and compelling storytelling from a new perspective. Our commonalities unite us and our diversity emboldens us. We.Are.Women.


Founded in 2014 by Abu Dhabi-based screenwriter, director and producer Nancy Paton, Desert Rose Films seeks to deepen our understanding of the Arab world. The region has always been synonymous with commerce but there is a wealth of culture to be explored and it is our mission to provide an alternative view with new voices and perspectives.

Desert Rose Films operates from Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, London and Australia with an exciting slate of both feature films and TV shows in development in these regions.

We believe that stories have the power to change minds and ignite action, so we support, mentor and develop projects of substance and significance for the generation of today and tomorrow.

Desert Rose Films

our Work

A ‘Behind the Scenes’ look on some of our Desert Rose Films productions. See what it takes to bring our exciting projects to life and how our creative teams and ensemble casts make our inspiring movies and short films.

Our Productions

It’s the untold stories and hidden heritage, which give the region its discerning and colourful character. It’s important for audiences in the region to be seen, heard and felt by giving their experiences meaning. We want to offer a true and authentic picture of the Middle East to the world, a region that is often on the receiving end of skewed and unverified ideas.

our people

Every one of Desert Rose Film’s projects brings the best and most discerning talents in the industry together. We take pride in giving people from all backgrounds with the right skills and expertise a space to amplify their potential and thrive.

Founder, Writer, Producer, Director
Nancy Paton - Desert Rose Films

Nancy Paton

Chief Communications Officer
Desert Rose Films People - Abeer B. Abdalla

Abeer B. Abdalla

Creative Director, Desert Rose Riyadh
Desert Rose Films People - Danae Hatzaki

Danae Hatzaki

Creative Director, Desert Rose Riyadh
Rhea Carina Al Jaroudy

Rhea Carina Al Jaroudi

Desert Rose Films

Nancy Paton

Writer | Producer | Director
Desert Rose Films - UAE Female Filmmaking

Do you have an idea for a film? Why not reach out to us to see how we can help bring your story to the screen.